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Almost There

Prepare for Cancellation of Home Services and Utilities.

In the weeks leading up to your closing, we’ll remind you to call your utility companies and service providers to notify them of your upcoming sale. Your buyer will be contacting the utility companies as well, so the utility transitions should be seamless.

Clearing Out.

Unless you’ve come to another agreement with the buyers beforehand, you’ll need to have all of your personal property out of the home prior to settlement. You’ll need to make sure all remaining debris/unwanted items are removed and the home is in broom swept condition.

Final Walk-Through Inspection.

More of a formality than anything else, the final inspection takes place the day before, or the day of the closing. The buyer visits the home to verify that all is in working order, everything is the same as when the buyer last viewed the property, and that there are no personal items left behind.

Closing Day.

The closing agent will furnish all parties involved with a settlement statement, which summarizes and details the financial transactions enacted in the process. Both you and the buyer(s) will sign this statement, certifying its accuracy. If you are receiving funds from the transaction, you can elect to either have the funds wired electronically to an account at your financial institution, or have a check issued to you after recordation. You will want to leave all property keys and any other important information for the new purchaser in the home, unless otherwise agreed to.

Once all parties have signed the closing docs and the property has gone to recordation at the courthouse, any proceeds you are due to receive will be disbursed. Closing day can be bittersweet for some and very exciting for others. We’ll be there to guide you through the transaction from start to finish, and we look forward to other opportunities to help you in the future!